Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Comparison between Universal and Whole Life Insurance

           A wide range of life insurance types are offered to you which one of them is Universal Life insurance online. Before we are talking about Universal life insurance, you need to know that in general there are four types of life insurance that exist in the world: Universal life, Variable life, Whole life, and Term life insurance. The main consent of this article is the first type of life insurance as aforementioned. Universal life insurance is actually a variation of Whole life insurance. In this case, if the policyholder dies, there will be cash benefits for those who are responsible with the Universal life insurance.

            If Whole life insurance requires stable premium fee that is relatively high, Universal life insurance is more flexible in dealing that thing. The amount of premium or the amount of protection can be adjusted if two parties (the life insurance company and the insured person) agree to do that. The same thing that comes from Whole life insurance and Universal life insurance is those two types of life insurances can be used to protect you and your family from any danger that can cause to death or injury. The death or injury here can be caused by car accident or other unexpected incident. 

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  1. Wonderful ! I am thankful to you for posting the main points of difference between universal and whole life insurance policy type. Its no doubt that a universal life policy is a flexible option but the choice entirely depends on user's requirement.
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