Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When you read some good essays, you will find out that the topic for each essay is not too large. The essay will only describe or explain one single issue or idea. Thus, a brilliant essay comes from the ability of the writer to narrow his topic down. Then, he digs the details of the topic to make the readers enjoy the essay by keep focusing on the topic. Narrowing your topic down can be quite confusing as you are urged to help readers focus on reading your essay whereas you need to add the details for your topic. Moreover, there is a way to narrow your topic down to obtain a brilliant essay.
After reading a lot of references or materials, you need to pick one idea that interests you most. When you have chosen one idea, you need to find the interesting details related to the idea. In this part, you have to be carefully choosing the details which will not make the idea enlarge. Make sure that every detail added will only support your idea properly. It is suggested to make a good draft before continue it on writing. In the drafting process, you can create a mind-map or make a list. If you choose on mind-mapping, you need to prepare a blank paper and write your idea in the middle of the paper. After that, you should create the branches related to the idea on the paper. By that, you will be guided to always connect the details with your idea or topic for your essay.
To sum up, when you succeed in narrowing your topic down, you will be on one step closer to create a brilliant essay. The more you focus on a single topic, the more your readers keep following and enjoying your essay.

Monday, August 13, 2012


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