Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Choosing Top Quality Catheter Supplies

Several different medical conditions can cause problems with the bladder and the ability to urinate properly. In these case, it is often necessary to use Catheter Supplies to empty the bladder. Medical science has made improvements to the design and function of these devices to make them easier to use and much more comfortable. By making different types for specific situations, it is easier to use the right tool for the right job. Making a connection with a medical professional to get the best information is important as there are multiple types to choose from. There are internal and external ones, some are for men and others are for women, and some are disposable single use items while others are meant to stay in.
Some common items to help empty the bladder are Intermittent Catheters, which are disposable catheters and are used only once. They are designed to help with incontinence and can be used by a patient themselves to empty their bladder. The tip is inserted into the urethra and can be done by the patient so they can do it privately when they are ready. After the bladder is completely drained, the catheter is discarded. These are sometimes called Straight Catheters since they are made to be easily put in and removed. Another version has a slight curve at the tip for men with prostate problems and it is called a Coude Catheter.
One of the most common types that are used in hospitals or other medical care situations, are Foley Catheters. These are internal catheters that are left in place and are not taken back out like intermittent ones. These indwelling types usually are inserted by a doctor and have a balloon at the end that is inflated after it is inserted, to hold it in place. Some of these catheters have an extra channel so that medications or fluid for irrigation can be introduced into the bladder.
Understanding the differences in the different types of catheters and why they might need to be used is crucial. When comparing products and prices, there are a variety of websites that have them available. Use a site that has the clearest information, best resources, and easiest access to a knowledgeable service specialist that can answer any questions. There are medical professionals available for anyone that needs extra information. This can be a tricky procedure and it will only be worse for those who are not sure they have the right devices. Connect with a specialist and get the right help.

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