Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coconut Water: The Next Best Sports Drink?

Coconut water has become famous in the USA and UK in recent times. If you are unfamiliar with this item, it is actually the liquid being extracted from coconuts. It was seen to contain electrolytes which are loaded with nourishing elements like vitamins and minerals.
This drink was more popular in tropical countries but it is making its way up in the Western places as well. However, its form usually is in cans or bottles. This is the recent celebrity thing, with a lot of celebs seen drinking it and some are even investing in this refreshing beverage.
Companies have observed this too and that is why they also made this water as an element in sports drinks. But would it be enough to be at par with the established sports drinks in the past? How true is its effectiveness in dealing with the concerns that other sports drink take care of? These are the critical questions that this natural drink faces. Although there can still be skeptics with the natural approach to sports drinks, you might be surprised with the benefits it can offer for the active body.
It is a good candidate for hydration because it contains essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, magnesium, potassium and complex B vitamins. The electrolyte amounts it has is comparable to the levels present in the blood. Because of this, it becomes more compatible for consumption. When a test was done with athletes, it showed amazing results in hydrating the body a lot better than sports drinks. It even gave better results than consuming water alone.
Sports drinks are able to benefit the body more than just hydrating your body. Whenever we exercise, we lose the electrolytes that enables us to perform tedious exercises in the first place. This water will restore the lost electrolytes and enables individuals to even perform more strenuous exercises. This is due to the potassium and sodium contents. When we exercise continuously for long hours, it uses up energy and also needs to replenish the stored energy.
Seeing that it contains just about the same amounts of needed nutrients, this water can be great alternative to sports drinks. When you look for your sports drink in the market, it might be high time to rethink about going for this water instead. Usually this is a cheaper option but it still depends on the brands that manufacture it. If you happen to live at tropical areas, then it is easier to gain access to this wonderful revitalizing drink.
Coconut water hydrates the body and offers the electrolytes needed in the body - better and more than regular sports drinks can provide. This is best paired with clean regular water because even though it is abundant in nutrients, the lower sodium of levels will still be insufficient for high intensity workouts for longer periods of time. Coconut juice can be drank alone or with the aid of water depending on the intensity of the exercise that you will be performing. It is always good to remember that water is still a vital drink for exercises.

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