Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Specialty Head Lice Salons Offer a One Stop Solution for Hair Lice

Head lice have always been present in school-aged children and it can spread rapidly from person to person. Once a child has head lice, they bring it home with them and can infect their entire household.
A revolutionary service has been popping up in several areas around the United States - specialty salons for head lice treatment. These salons offer one service and one service only, and that is hair lice treatment.
While some say that it is unnecessary for these specialty salons, others disagree. With one visit and one hair lice treatment, their problem is permanently gone. It is much more convenient than using the do-it-yourself products at home and risking a re-infestation from nits that you may have overlooked.
The technicians are trained to remove lice with safe, non-toxic products that are organic or all-natural and guarantee the hair lice treatment works the first time.
A lot of clients have already unsuccessfully tried to get rid of the lice themselves, spending anywhere from $50-$200 on live removal products and treatments. So why would you not want to get it done right the first time with less aggravation? This is the reason these specialty salons are opening their doors - they can save families time, money and cleaning.
Another added bonus is that parents don't have to take on the grueling and generally unpleasant task of picking the lice nits from their child's hair. The professionals do all of this for you and take the "eww" work literally out of your hands. And children tend to sit still and behave better in a salon chair than they would if they were sitting at home with a parent trying to use a hair lice treatment.
These specialty salons for head lice treatment are innovative and can relieve a ton of stress for parents of the infected kids - not to mention save you money in the long run.
When customers come into a specialty salon for head lice, a trained professional technician does a routine hair screening to check if there are indeed any lice or nits present. They completely comb through the child's hair while it is dry, then wet the hair, apply a conditioning treatment and repeat the screening process again.
The average hair lice treatment with a specialty salon can take about one hour and the treatment's effective rate statistics sit around 98% from one hair lice treatment. These salons charge for the single treatment and will then show the parents and kids how to go through the simple after treatment processes to make sure the lice are 100% gone, which will avoid any later re-infestations of head lice. The process was created to give people the assurance of effective lice removal at an affordable price.

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